14 December, 2007

Ayam Sereyy..

Word 'Serey' originally from 'Serai' which means lemongrass. Most Malaysian call it 'serai' but Indonesian pronounces it in different accent 'serey'.

It's depends on how we want it to taste to be..hot, mild or sweet. But for me it will taste great if we blend those 'sweet & spicy' with a touch of lemongrass and belacan.

1.300gm boneless chicken, marinate with tumeric & salt. (doesnt matter to substitute to chicken with bone)
2. Garlic, onion, 2 stalk of lemongrass - blend
3. Chili powder or chilli boh
4. Oil, salt & sugar

1. Deep fry the chicken till tender & brownish for both side. Remove from the heat and set aside
2. Heat remaining oil (not too much) over medium heat, then stir-in all the blended ingredients, including chilli. Add in little bit water just in case it turn out to dry
3. Mix in the chicken, cook for 2-3 minutes. That's it :D

Just before serving, topping some sambal belacan on it. Taste will be great with blended tomato in that sambal belacan, with little bit 'runny' tecture. Done!


Mat Gebu said...

Eh..kalau org2 nyonya peranakan pun depa panggil serai = sereyy...pengaruh indonesia...

Shafidah Shamen said...

ye lahh mat, baru perasan!! agaknyer word 'lu, gue..tu pun pengaruh indon, takpun..the other way around :D

Madie said...

i think im going to make this with a lil bit modifying here and there