31 May, 2009

Kiwi Drink

  • Kiwi fruits
  • Sugar
  • Water
  • Ice
  1. Blend kiwi fruits, preferabbly using hand blender, as it will not blend the seeds.
  2. Add litte bit sugar and water.
  3. Serve with ice

Seri Muka

Resepi from Nanasham (myresipi).
Worth trying...i like the taste...

30 May, 2009

Kuih Lapis

  • 120 gm topioca flour (tepung ubi)
  • 200 gm rice flour
  • 500 gm sugar
  • 1200 ml santan
  • food colouring
  • Vanili
  1. Except food coloring, combine all ingredients. To make things easy, process everything in blender to avoid lumpy batter.
  2. Devide into 2 0r 3 portion, color accordingly.
  3. Heat steamer, grease mould with little bit oil and heat for a while.
  4. Steam 5 minutes for each layer and steam longer for final layer (10-20 minutes).

26 May, 2009

Mango Mousse

Tuan rumah nii..still lum habis mood nak makan mousse. Belum muakk lagiii..meanwhile, layan je lahh yerrrr hehehheheh
  1. Canned mango with syrup (425gm) - mango not yet in season here, that's why i'm using canned mango. Puree those mango with the syrup. Just take half of the syrup, otherwise mousse will turn to sweet.
  2. 2 eggs white meringue - set aside.
  3. 150ml whip cream -whisk/cream with little bit sugar. Not to much sugar, as we already have mango syrup from the can.
  4. 75-100 ml luke warm water, disolve with 1 heap tsb gelatine. Combine gelatine mixture with mango puree.
  5. Add cream, stir well, then add meringue and stir well too.
  6. Add 1-2 tsb lemon juice if you like to hae zesty taste (optional).
  7. Place mousse in individual mould or in cake tin. Chill in refrigerator til set.

Sambal Sotong Kering Berkacang

Sotong Kering = Dried squid. In Sydney, it's available from any oriental shop, come in sizes.

Sambal Berkacang = Cooked with chilli with touch of toasted and grounded peanuts

  • Dried squid - soak overnite. Drain when it ready/set.
  • Onion ( i love to use lot of onion for this dish), garlic - sautee in little bit oil til fragrant. Add chilli paste. With slow heat, simmer till it thoroughly cooked.
  • Add little bit coconut milk (approximately 2-3 tsb) and toasted and ground peanuts (approximately 2-3 tsb). Again let it thoroughly cooked.
  • Salt and sugar to taste. Palm sugar will do better, as it will produce a really dark red in color.
  • Add-in those squid when the sauce ready. Cook till squid become soft and cooked (not to cook to long, the squid will turn rubbery).
  • Tips - Can add tamarind slice (optional), but not to put it to early before add-in the squid. It will cause the squid become rubbery.

Nasi Lemak

Tetiba je rasa nak makan nasi lemak, dengan sambal sotong macam kat kedai makyam kat Segamat :D Dulu masa kecik2 selalu beli..tapi yang saya buat ni, mana nak sama ngan makyam punya kannnn....jauh beza! Tapi takpe lahhh ada gak sipi2 rasa tuuu :D
Yang ada sorang lagi kat rumah nii....awal2 lagi dah pesan. Nak nasi lemak ngan telur goreng. Kuning taknak keras..nak cair. Banyak betulllll cekadakk hehehhe...heyyy yoo laahh wok oiiii..

14 May, 2009

Choco Mousse Brownie

Seen this for the first time at Zaliana's blog. It looks sooooo yummm, and yess it is..worth try! Recipe from yani (myresipi).

13 May, 2009

Kuih Lapis Cendol

Recipe from Cik Mat Gebu..
Nak tanya dia sikit.. 'mat pesal cendol aku tuu semua ke atass?? tak lawa macam kuih ko buat tu??'
  • 1and 1/2 cup plain flour*
  • 2 tsb rice flour*
  • 2 tsb corn flour*
  • 1/2 cup sugar*
  • 3 cup coconut milk*
  • 3/4 tsp salt*
  • 1/2 cup pulm sugar mixture (from 1/2 cup hot water + 3 tsb palm sugar)
  • 1 cup cendol
  • 1/2 cup water
  1. Mix all ingredients with ** mix well, or to make things easier, put everything in a blender.
  2. Devide mixture into 2 (equally).
  3. Mix the first half with cendol and 1/2 cup water, mix well and set aside.
  4. Mix another half mixture with palm sugar, set aside.
  5. Grease mould (8X8x3), and steam for a while in heated steamer.
  6. Pour half of the cendol mixture into mould, steam for 5 - 10 minutes, followed by half of the palm sugar mixture, repeat with another half of cendol mixture and finish it another half of plam mixture. Steam for 10-20 minutes for the very last layer.
  7. Let it cool before serve.

Beef Black Pepper

  • Clean beef & thinly slice. Coat with egg and corn flour. Fried for a while, set aside. Gravy to be thicken by this coating later, and it's will sticking to the beef.
  • Finely chop garlic and ginger, thinly slice onion. Heat 2-3 heapspoon oil, and fry garlic, ginger and onion till fragrant.
  • Add soy sauce and pounded black pepper. Add beef and water, keep simmering till beef become tender.
  • Add your favorite veges. Salt and sugar to taste.
  • Serve.

12 May, 2009

Kerabu Betik Muda

  • Green papaya - julienne
  • Carrot - julienne
  • Onion - thinly slice
  • Tomato - thinly slice
  • Coriender - chop
  • Lemon juice
  • Bird eye chilli - i didnt put this
  • Salt & Sugar to taste
  • Toasted cashew

Just mix all ingredients and serve.

11 May, 2009

Almond Mousse

Happy Mothers's Day!
Belum terlambat kannn..hehehh
Almond Mousse
  • 100gm white chocolate bites
  • 1 tsb gelatine
  • 100ml water
  • 200ml fresh cream
  • 2 eggs white
  • 30gm caster sugar
  • 1tsb almond meal
  • Almond essense
  1. Melt chocolate with double boil method.
  2. Dissolve gelatine into water. Add gelatine mixtue into melted chocolate. Let it cool for a while.
  3. Beat fresh cream till thicken/ form a cream - set aside.
  4. Meringue white eggs with caster sugar - set aside.
  5. Pour cream into chocolate mixture, stir well.
  6. Add meringue, again..slowly stir well.
  7. Add almond meal and almond essence.
  8. Pour mixture into mould, refrigerate till it set.

05 May, 2009

Lepat Jagung

Can we call this lepat? It's out of shape and not been wrapped in banana leaf. :-D
Recipe from our sifoo.. Kak Liza :-D
Sorry ye Kak Kiza, memandai2 saya tukar shape and bungkus dalam daun buluh heheheh
**My own note: taste will be nicer if we put creamed corn perhaps

Ayam Paprik

Chicken, Onion, garlic, ginger, lemaon grass, kaffir lime leave, veges, chili, tomato sause, fish sauce.

04 May, 2009

Cekodok Pisang

Aihhh..sekali sekala buat cekodok pisang nii, tak cukup2 pulak. Dah berapa tahun kawin ngan Rezan, rasanyerr ini kali kedua saya buat cekodok pisang ni. Dulu sekali saya buat..dia tak makan. 'Kuih tak cantik' kata dia..

Sabtu senja hari tuu...saya tengok ada 3 pisang yang dah berapa hari 'lepak'ing dalam fridge. Tekak terasa macam nak makan cekodok pulak..so saya pun buat sikit. Dapat 2 kali goreng jerr. Siap satu round goreng, saya pun hulur kat Rezan yang tengah tengok movie masa tu. Belum siap goreng round kedua, dia dah datang tanya 'ada lagi??'. aitttttt suka pulakkk hehheehehe..

Saya cuma makan 2-3 biji jerr senja tuu.

Semalam pagi..as soon as i open my eyes in the morning, terus terfikir nak pi kedai, cari pisang. Nak buat lagi!! Kali ni nak makan puas2..! Buat banyak kali nii...dapat 2 pinggan besar..pun tak cukuppp..hohoooooooooooo..

Tu laahhh kann..kadang2..benda2 yang simple macam ni, yang rupa tak cantik macam nii..pun sedap kan! Saya buat cekodok yang versi simple jerr...just mashed pisang, tepung gandum, gula and sedikit garam. Kampung style!

03 May, 2009


Huhuuu..it's pretty cold this week....but i just feel like having it!

02 May, 2009

Bihun Botak

Another lazy day..Our dinner for tonite. Just a plain bihun goreng we had with Acar Telur Puyuh.

Acar Telur Puyuh

It's a quil eggs in sweet chilli and vege! Similar like acar rampai recipe, just add those quil eggs into it.

Hati Ayam Berlada

Intentionally I bought chicken liver just to cook this style. I only love to have all those simple dish lately. I have no idea, it's either because of appetite changes or because i'm to lazy to cook. When come to the worse day...i only chuck and mix vege & meat in pan! Asal kenyang and get all nutrients sudah la kannn :D
  1. 400gm chicken liver, clean & sprinkle it with salt and tumeric, coat well and deep-fry till cooked. Set aside. (I only realized that i ran out of my tumeric powder just before i started my cooking. Lazy to get it from shop, hence i sprinkled it with cummin powder instead. For me, it taste better and smell nicer).
  2. Make sambal: 1 big onion - blend and cook with 2-3 heap spoon of cooking oil till fragrant. Add blended dried chilli (i used chilli powder). Add water if to dry and simmer on medium heat till sambal thoroughly cooked.
  3. Salt and sugar to taste.
  4. Add fried chicken liver into sambal and stir well. Serve.