02 December, 2008

Sandwich Telur

Syian kat hana..hehehhe here's the recipe yerr :D totally simple and easy and yet it's super yummyyy. I just type the method in making the egg spread, and it's depends on you guys on how to sandwich and what shape you would like to have.

  1. Eggs - depend how many you want, as for me & rezan, for two of us, i normally boiled 3 eggs. (hard boil).
  2. When it ready, mash those eggs yolk with sufficient mayonaise, finely chop those eggs white. Combine. Sprinkle with dill herb.
  3. It's done and ready for spread. Simple kan? :D Happy trying..

1 comment:

hana said...

hahahaaa..senang jer ghupernyer! igtkan payah bbeno..kihkihkih ampunnkan hana ye fidah! nah! upah menaip 100yen! cukup tak? ekekekee.. mekacih fidah yer! i lebiu! hihihi..