09 February, 2009

Rojak Petis


VG said...

That looks so good Fidah.

How's the weather in Sydney? We had a cool change last night and the tem dropped nearly 11 degrees in 1 hour - from 39.5 to 29. Today is has been in the low 20's....nyaman. Can't wait to masuk tidur....at least I can use a blanket tonight.

How sad is the bush fires in Vic? I can't believe so many people died. How's the situation in NSW? Make sure you stay safe, ok. Hugs, Vin

Shafidah Shamen said...

same here in sydney vin. Was predicted to be very hot during the last weekend, but thanks god it went up to only 35 - 36 Today...very much cooling..suddenly weather drop like winter pulak!! what a weird weather kann hahahaa

oowhhh i dont dare to their pic..yaaa so sad! You take care too ya! mmuahhh

Shafidah Shamen said...

sorry vin, typo..went to 35-36 yesterday. Today very much cooling..tonite tido with blanket hehehhe