02 May, 2009

Hati Ayam Berlada

Intentionally I bought chicken liver just to cook this style. I only love to have all those simple dish lately. I have no idea, it's either because of appetite changes or because i'm to lazy to cook. When come to the worse day...i only chuck and mix vege & meat in pan! Asal kenyang and get all nutrients sudah la kannn :D
  1. 400gm chicken liver, clean & sprinkle it with salt and tumeric, coat well and deep-fry till cooked. Set aside. (I only realized that i ran out of my tumeric powder just before i started my cooking. Lazy to get it from shop, hence i sprinkled it with cummin powder instead. For me, it taste better and smell nicer).
  2. Make sambal: 1 big onion - blend and cook with 2-3 heap spoon of cooking oil till fragrant. Add blended dried chilli (i used chilli powder). Add water if to dry and simmer on medium heat till sambal thoroughly cooked.
  3. Salt and sugar to taste.
  4. Add fried chicken liver into sambal and stir well. Serve.

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