05 November, 2009

Pau (steam bun)

I am no longer 'performing' from my ussual kichen, where I had normally prepared food/took pictures for this blog. I left the house 2 weeks ago and now transit somewhere else before we sign off from Sydney for good. I left my job as well since last monday, and now I became soooo free for blogging. My routine since then is taking care of our 'Nina' as well as sitting in front of my laptop doing nothing hhehehehe.

I found few pictures of my cooking in my C drive. Those pictures were taken weekssss ago when I was sooo busy with packing and sending our stuffs to Malaysia, and some were taken during my confinement, which was nearly 4 months agooo hehehhehe, banyang kan lah!

So this Pau is one of it! Talking about this Pau, I just fallen in love with this recipe. I was like kena curse before this. Whenever I tried any pau recipe, it didnt turn out well all the time. Sometime terkecut la, sometime terkeras laa, but this one, wallaaaa! The picture tells i guess..

All I like about this recipe is, it does not require specific measurement. Just agak2 aje ok...
  • 2-3 cups bread flour
  • ** 1 tablespoon sugar
  • **1 heap teaspoon yeast
  • ** 50 ml warm water
  • sufficient water to form dough
  • 2 table spoon vege oil
  • 1 and half teaspoon vinegar
  1. Mix ingredients marked with **. Disolve sugar and let it sit for a while until yeast looks breezing.
  2. Pour mixture 1 into flour. Mix it.
  3. Add in vinegar, oil.
  4. Add in water little by little and form a dough.
  5. Knead to get elastic/smooth dough. What I did, I jut put them into my bread maker and let it do the job.
  6. When it ready, filling as u like. Sit it for while.
  7. Pour few spoons vivegar in the water when steaming. Steam in preheated steamer for 10 - 12 minutes.


Anonymous said...

Hi....left a query in ur apam balik 3/09 entry.Whts the brand of ur electric pancake maker? Is it thick enough to make thick apam balik?

Shafidah Shamen said...

Hi there, sorry i didnt aware about the query. Mine is brevile pancake maker. It's not as thick as our apam balik back in Malaysia. Are malaysian?

Anonymous said...

Hi Shafidah,
Thks for info! Yess....i jugak dari Malaysia. Originally from Melaka, now living in Perth! :)
U have a lovely blog and Thks for sharing so many wonderful recipes!

Shafidah Shamen said...

Hi aquariusgal. What shud i call u? not a problem at all, keep coming okay.. :)