12 February, 2010

Trio Marble Cake


Hey all, I'm back here with my 1st posting from Malaysia. I have settled down earlier, couple weeks ago, but I was just not in the mood of blogging. I myself dont understand what has led me to became so ignorant to my own blog. Kenapa ehhh..I'm not working anymore at the moment, thus I should be free for this. Well, few times I sat and tried to surf the net, but the internet connection here is just suckssss, so I just buried my semangat away..and kept ignored my blog, kesiannnnn...

We are now on one of the broadband provider, the performance alahaiiiiiii nak cerita pun malasss. We've applied for the Strymix, but the company said..'sorry, kat tempat Encik takde line'. I was like, what???? It sounded like we are now living in the very uluuuu place kan. Padahal we are just next to USM ni je haaaa. So, nak tak nak, have to lahh, stay aje laa with this broadband. But then, sampai bila pulak kannn I nak ignore my blog kesayangan niiii, kalau nak tunggu strymix..alamatnyerr tak update pulak blog ni nanti..

Well..Im gearing up my baking mood with this lovely trio marble cake. Check out the recipe from Myresipi.com ehhhh and also form my previous entry. daaaa..

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