20 December, 2007

CaRAmEliSEd MaNGo wITh IcE cRreAm

The simplest dessert i ever made..

It's a mango season now..and i'm living with a 'mango mad guy'..who else..must be Rezan lerr...

He bought the whole box of mango last sunday for only $9.99..damn cheap!! But..for me, it's an 'unfortunate' when i need pulling & pushing my brain to think & to create something with them in order to finished it up! I had tried lassi, mango prawn salad, juices..and this dessert..

So let's try this, i just need :

-Just-ripe medium size of mango
-Brown sugar
-Ice cream, to serve

1. Slice cheeks from mangoes. Score in a honeycomb pattern & lightly coat the cut-side with brown sugar.

2. Line the base of a large non-stick frying pan with baking paper. Heat pan over medium heat. Place sugar-side down in pan, press gently. Cook for 2 minutes or untill sugar caramelises.

3. Transfer to a serving plate and serve with ice cream.

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