25 May, 2008

Satay Kebab

Bantai je laaaa...sempi gila!

  1. Daging potong cube.
  2. Perap dengan bawang putih, cummin, ketumbar, cili, kunyit.
  3. Cucuk kat skewer, & bakar.
  4. Serve, makan ngan tobouli & falafel :)


VG said...

Hi SS. I am a malaysian living in Canberra and have visited your blog a few times. Check out my blog when u can...myhouseholdcapers.blogspot.com.

Do you know where in Sydney I can find acuan to make Kuih Cara? Kempunan nak makan. Tks. :)VG

Shafidah Shamen said...

Hi VG, whats your real name? thanks for dropping by to my blog :)

I havent come across with any kuih cara acuan. But there's something like takoyaki acuan(iron cast), that can be used for kuih cara perhaps. But of coz the look will not become like kuih cara..tak ape lahhhh asal boleh makan kannn :D

VG said...

Tks Shafidah for the tip. My name is Vin. Kalau u ever jalan ke Canberra, pls do drop by for a cuppa. Do u know of any malaysian bloggers in Canberra???

Shafidah Shamen said...


i do not anyone from there.. :(