08 September, 2008

Pudding Mangga & Sagu

I dont have the exact recipe for this. Main campak2 jer..kita cuma perlu:

  • Sago (in a boiled water, stir them for 5 minutes, remove from stove let them stand in the hot water for 20 minutes, rinse to get a swell and transparent pearl.
  • Mango for cube
  • Mango for puree
  • Sugar to taste : disolve in water (clear syrup)
  • Evaporated milk

How to serve?

  • Combine mango puree with clear syrup, pour in the evaporated milk. The consistency of this is depending on you.
  • Assemble sago and mango into the puree. Thats it!


VG said...

Looks so good Fidah. Mesti punya sedap.

Dianne said...