22 November, 2008

Cream Cheese Bars

Look here for the recipe. This is not an invention, it is an old recipe from Mama Lydia (Myresipi). Just that me & cikpah, simply named it as 'SHA-SHA'. We had a joint-venture in the making of it! She got a 'very loongggg sitting' cream cheese in her fridge, while i got stock of puff pastry. So this is what i had after godek2 for the recipe. Shafidah & Sharifah were proudly served this at our 'lite & easy bbq', we had sometime early this month in Maroubra Beach.


the cheeky wife said...

bukan ker yg ni nama dia SHA-SHA????

Shafidah Shamen said...

cik pah oiii..kat sydney nama dia SHA-SHA, kat malaysia nama dia cream cheese bar! hahaaaaa