22 November, 2008

Tofu Salad

Terasa mcm kami kurang sangat makan nasi lately. As for myself, i would prefer to have noodles or salads. Rezan pulak, kind of tak kisah..asal ada makanan! So this tofu salad, really make my life easy..taste nice plus it's pretty simple to prepare. You can have it just like that as your lite lunch. Rezan had it with rice, sedap jugerrr!

  • Prepare all the vegies: Carrot, onion, capcicum & cucumber - cut into julienne.
  • Mix all the vegies and pour some sweet chili thai sauce. Mix well.
  • Throw in chopped tofu puff - stir well.
  • Top with sliced hard boiled eggs.
  • UPDATED - sprinkle with coriender leave.
  • Serve with baby spinach leaves. Yum!

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