03 November, 2008

Crabstick Popia

I've first seen this at masz's blog, it's look soooo tempting. I kept buzzing myself to have a try, but end up i forgot about this popia. And suddenly, again i saw it at Hana's blog. OMG, i must try! i dont want to miss it! And as ussual, i did it my way, based on what ingredients i have in my fridge...

  • I got iceberg lattuce, carrot, onion & cucumber. Cut them into julienne (finely) and mixed them up! Normal practice will require a stir-fry of all the vegies, but im just lazy. ( you know me..)
  • Roll them in the popia pastry, put in the centre the crab stick, roll them!
  • I fried them in very hot oil, to turn into golden color and i served with my thai sweet chilli. yum!

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