30 March, 2009

Aiskrim Goreng

  • Ice cream - Shape, either you want to make it round or square, etc. Any flavour will do, but mango & strawberry will be ummpphhh!
  • Egg white - lightly beaten.
  • Bread crumb - prepare in a plate.
  • Oil - for fry

What i did was..shaped the ice cream, then i kept in the freezer, to make them 'steady' heeehehee. When it ready, dip the ice cream into egg white, then coated it with bread crumbs. Repeat this as many time you like. The more you repeat...the thicker the skin will be.

You can immeadiately fry them in heated oil (very) for 20-30 seconds. But i normally individually wrap it with cling wrap, and keep it in the freezer. (I normally make a lot!). So you can always have this fried ice-cream whenever you like it. Can be served as fast-dessert as well when you having 'tetamu mengejut'. Just heat oil, fry and enjoy it with your love one!


lili11 said...

Ish, recipe tak de ke?

Cik Kham & Co said...

NYUM..NYUMM..mcm menariklah....rase teringin lak nak wat..