30 March, 2009

Ikan Masak Rendang

Sessi menghabiskan daun kunyit, sebelum dia gone. Sayang nanti kalau dia layu camtu jer musim2 macam ni.

This dish, mum always cook with ikan tongkol, but we hardly get it here (or maybe none at all, tak penah jumpa pun ikan tongkol)..i had it with tuna. Same taste right..? Or..mackarel will do too!

  • Fish - boil a little while with tamarind slice and salt. Then deep fry in heated oil. Set aside.
  • In little oil, fry little bit pounded garlic, pounded onion (lot of onion will be nicer..) till fragrant. Add chilli powder. Add water if to dry.
  • Cook a little while.
  • Add tamarind juice (not to much) and salt.
  • Throw-in finely slice tumeric leaves.
  • Throw-in fried fish. Stir. Done.

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