26 May, 2009

Sambal Sotong Kering Berkacang

Sotong Kering = Dried squid. In Sydney, it's available from any oriental shop, come in sizes.

Sambal Berkacang = Cooked with chilli with touch of toasted and grounded peanuts

  • Dried squid - soak overnite. Drain when it ready/set.
  • Onion ( i love to use lot of onion for this dish), garlic - sautee in little bit oil til fragrant. Add chilli paste. With slow heat, simmer till it thoroughly cooked.
  • Add little bit coconut milk (approximately 2-3 tsb) and toasted and ground peanuts (approximately 2-3 tsb). Again let it thoroughly cooked.
  • Salt and sugar to taste. Palm sugar will do better, as it will produce a really dark red in color.
  • Add-in those squid when the sauce ready. Cook till squid become soft and cooked (not to cook to long, the squid will turn rubbery).
  • Tips - Can add tamarind slice (optional), but not to put it to early before add-in the squid. It will cause the squid become rubbery.


iu @ wid said...

ayooooo... x tahannnye tengok itu sotong riang bergolek3.... adusssssss.......kak.. bungkus soting ni singgit..!!!!

iu @ wid said...

soting..??? ape kelas... sotong laaaa...ha ha ha...

Shafidah Shamen said...

soting???????????? hehehehehe

shuzana said...

tq kak..pas pantang nak buat la..nyum nyum..